Child Abuse

Topics: Marriage, Betrothal, Child marriage Pages: 6 (1858 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Running head: Negative effects of early marriage

Sarah al tannir


Negative effects of early marriage 2 Abstract
Early marriage is very dangerous to the life of young children, especially women who are taken out of their house to live with their husbands. The negative effects of early marriage on young children are on their education and their mind and on their relationship with others. Marriage is considered very important for people in some countries so children are forced to marry at a young age this has negative and bad effects

Negative effects of early marriage 3 Outline
Claim: early marriages are very dangerous .and have a lot of negative effects because children are forced to leave their families and education at a very young age I- Marriage is very important

A- Marriage is when two people make a commitment
1. People marry for love
2. Marriages are different in all countries
B- Early marriages are popular in some countries
1. Some cultures like early marriages
2. Girls are forced to marry at young age
3. Children have no choice who to marry
C. Early marriage has a lot of negative effects
1. Negative effects on the mind
2. on the education of the girl
3. Children lose their family

II - The negative effects of early marriage on the mind
A. Early marriages make children not happy
1. Children lose their friends and families
2. They are isolated from others
B. Children are forced to do things in early marriages 1. a girl talks about her experience

III- Early marriages force girls to stop education
A. studies show early marriage force girls to leave school 1. Girls stop going to school if they marry early Negative effects of early marriage 4 B. in early marriages the husband works and the girl stays home 1. Early marriages are dangerous and unfair to girls 2. People think girls should work at home without education C. education is very important

1. Girls have right like others to go to school and study

IV- Some people think early marriages are good
A- Early marriages protect girls
B- Protecting girls should not stop her education
1. Girls have the right to study like others 2. There are many ways to stop early marriages 3. Government should make laws to stop it

V- Early marriages are very dangerous
A. Early marriage are very dangerous but what about drugs?

Negative effects of early marriage 5 The negative effects of early marriage
Marriage is very important in some countries because of tradition and other things that are related to culture and the way people think. In some societies children are forced to marry at a very early age like 16 or 17. Marriage is when two people come together and take vows to stay together forever or until something happens to stop this. The idea of marriage is the same everywhere in the world but the type of marriage is different. In a study done by Stephanie Sinclair(2012) of the ICRW (International center for research on women) early marriage is explained “Child marriage most often occurs in poor, rural communities. In many regions, parents arrange their daughter’s marriage...
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