Child Abuse

Topics: Child abuse, Abuse, Physical abuse Pages: 4 (1562 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Child abuse is something that takes place in the world because a couple of jerks decided they wanted a kid. But they didn’t want to give the kid the kind of love that they kids needs, which is caring and understanding. Instead they decided to beat on their child, abuse them mentally, and in some cases even sexually. Scarring the child for life, because they decided that it was fun to abuse on an innocent child that all they wanted was love not to be hated or abused. Deaths occur because they can’t stop beating on the child, or if the child is lucky they get taken away from their parents and put in a foster home. A strange place that they don’t want to be in because they want to be home yet home isn’t safe for them because people do stupid mistakes and decided that it’s okay to abuse their child when really it isn’t okay. Child abuse punishments for the abuser should be harsher than what they are and then maybe people would think before they do. Like that would happen but still, children are dying because of that and children are our future leaders. We need children so people need to stop abusing their children. It’s illegal and they should have to do the crime, instead of people saying that they couldn’t find anything on the child or whatever. Child abuse needs to stop before it affects more children than what we think it does.

Every child has the right to be in a safe home, instead of having to fear for their lives daily. All because they ended up in the wrong family, because the family doesn’t love them and never will probably because they only want to use the child as a punching bag. Probably because they are angry at the world, so they have anger issues and so they take it out on the child that has no clue what they did wrong if they even didn’t do anything wrong. But that is a part of life people say, yet somebody out there has to be able to stop child abuse, they have to be able to say enough is enough. Or what are they going to wait until all of the...
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