Child Abandonment

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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What leads to child abandonment?
Child abandonment has become the number one issue; we even began seeing it in our own community. It is changing the child’s behavior and health issue. That needs to be taking care of. As human beings we need to play our parts and stand up for what’s right. Abandoning a child can lead to a lot of problems in our society. They never get use to their feeling at the end they will grow up to be nothing but emotionless. Growing up abandoned by both parents or just by one can hold a lot of experiment as a child you want not want to bear, especially if your friends have both parents and they always talking about them and how nice they are. As kids grow they start not caring because they don’t have someone to help them through life. This re-searcher had experience being abandoned by her farther in a very young age. It didn’t affect her physically but emotionally that would still be there. She has a better way of hiding it. The re-searchers brother is a different story his never around anymore because and he quotes “Is better off if he just died”. Child abandonment is very considering because there are many children that go through life without knowing their parents. It gets hard for them because they very confused with their life and with their emotions. Hopefully at the end of this topic as a community we will learn why these children are abandoned and what the government think or will do about it. The new perspective that this topic will bring is the effects it have on these children’s. “Child abandonment occurs when parents become ignorant regarding their duties and their responsibilities towards children. Insecurity and self-criticism on everything are some of the symptoms of child abandonment. Poverty is one of the main causes of child abandonment. Children who have experienced parental abandonment suffer from poor self-esteem and a sense of shame.” (Raghuvanshi 2011)
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