Chief Seattle

Topics: White people, Race and Ethnicity, Puerto Rico Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: January 29, 2013
1. Chief Seattle thinks white people have a different God because he came to the white man only, they never saw him, never even heard his voice and he only gave instructions to the white man and not even a word to the millions of red people that occupied the land. He says they are two different races and should remain that way, there is little in common between them, because for the red people, the ashes of their ancestors are sacred and so is the place where they rest, but to the white man the dead are forgotten. He goes on saying that he cannot comprehend the religion of the white man, because it was written in a table of stone by an angry God and he could never understand or remember that, unlike their religion, it’s based on the traditions of their ancestors, the dreams of their old men given by the great Spirit and the visions of their chiefs. 2. I don’t think that Chief Seattle accepts the offer of the whites because he thinks it’s fair. I think that, from what he says in the speech “They are like the grass that covers the vast prairies, while my people are few, and resemble the scattering trees of a wind-swept plain” (Seattle 1187). He’s trying to protect what’s left of his people and he thinks is wise to end in good terms with the white folk because it would be of no use to be against them, also they will have protection from them.

3. “Your God loves your people and hates mine; he folds his strong arms lovingly around the white man and leads him as a father leads his infant son, but he has forsaken his red children; he makes your people wax strong every day, and soon they will fill the land; while our people are ebbing away like a fast-receding tide, that will never flow again”. He is saying that the red people and white people can never live together because the white men are destroying everything. They are destroying the land, culture and anything that represents the red people due to the colonization. And they could never get along with people...
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