Chief Guest Speech on Annual Day Function

Topics: Indian Institutes of Technology, Ayurveda, Chennai Pages: 14 (2191 words) Published: June 24, 2012
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IIT Aspirants
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Dear IIT Aspirants
To all the aspiring young engineers in India and elsewhere, the name Indian Institute of Technology means only one thing - the best quality, world-class engineering education. Many students have fulfilled their dreams of gaining admission into an IIT by traveling the path to success through sustained, grueling intellectual hard work, regardless of their background, status and place of origin. Under-Graduate and Dual Degree Programmes

Each year, the prestigious and most difficult Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), held for selecting students into the IIT system, is attempted by over 125 thousand candidates, and there are only a few thousand seats available in the system. Admissions to the 4-year B.Tech programme and the 5-year dual-degree, i.e. combined B.Tech and M.Tech, programmes are held annually. JEE consists of three test papers - physics, chemistry and mathematics. It enjoys the reputation of being the tough and well organized competitive examination in the world. The questions require responses that involve intricate and creative thought, and a sound foundation in physics, mathematics & chemistry. More details are available at

Success Factors
The key to gaining admission into an IIT is to make the best use of the resources around you. Most schools have adequate resources that can help you build a strong intellectual foundation. The key factors for success are

* Intelligence - numeric, logical and scientific
* Determination
* Persistence
* Intellectual Stamina
* Confidence
* Access to learning resources
* A supportive family and friends
These factors definitely enable aspirants to prepare effectively for the JEE and eventually attain success. You may be wondering if the IITs themselves provide any coaching. The answer to your question is No. IIT does not provide any instructions as coaching for students who will be taking JEE. However, for students belonging to the specially notified categories (SC/ST), a one-year preparatory programme is offered at IIT Madras. A selected set of students from these categories who do not directly qualify in the JEE in their first attempt, will be given an opportunity to spend one year at IIT Madras and undergo the preparatory course. Upon successful completion of this preparatory course, these students will be admitted into the first year of the B Tech or Dual-degree programmes, without having to take the JEE a second time. Post-Graduate Programmes

For admissions into the post-graduate programmes (M.Tech., M.Sc., and MBA), and research...
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