Chief Fault of High School Curriculum

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Chief Fault Of High School Curriculum
Many Elementary and Junior High School teachers have told their students that High School is a lot more different than what they're use to. The students were told that the pace of their current curriculum pales in comparison to High School. That is the chief fault of High School curriculum, the pace of High School classes. Meaning, that the amount of material being taught is shoved in a time period that is unnecessarily short. Some students are slow learners and require more time to retain information, others don't have the attention span, and some just lack the motivation to keep up with the fast pace.

To begin, just because a student has made it to High school, doesn't mean that they are magically granted the gift of learning material in a rapid fire pace. An honor roll student may have received outstanding grades in Junior High, then completely flunk out in High School. The reason is not because they're are stupid, it's because of the change of pace. Some Junior High schools try to prepare students for the faster pace High school but, it's really the students state of mind that needs to change. If learning information at a slow pace using their own technique is allowing them to succeed then why would they change that? The answer is, they wouldn't.

In addition to slow learners, other students don't have the attention span. Most students are required or put into classes that they have no interest in such as the following: U.S. History, Chemistry, or Calculus. These types of classes cram information in about one to two-hour sessions. So putting a student in a class in which they have no interest in would further reduce the attention span. They would most likely be thinking "Oh, this is so boring and I have another fifty minutes of this." Think of a watching a boring movie for two hours. It wouldn't be very interesting. One may promptly day dream or go into La-la land and not recall what they have just watched, or in...
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