Chief Executive Officer and Common Goal

Topics: Chief executive officer, Purpose, Consumer Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: November 14, 2012
1. How did Electrolux Chief Executive Straberg break down barriers between departments? Why did he do this? Explain.

The CEO of Electrolux used a very important tool to break the barriers, enhance communication and to build a team, that is what I believe is called “integration”. With the company going through financial turnovers, with the attempt of turning multiple groups into an effective team to develop, create and transforming how they created their products how they use to manage their business. In search for innovative ideas, teamwork and creativity he decided to maximize what the organization already had and transform it. They created 4 characters, Catherine, Anna, Monica and Maria with the purpose of presenting different angles, different types of particular consumers. It no longer was useful to have focus groups, and groups so structured that they wouldn’t communicate or take ideas or thoughts from other members. (pp.307-308)

2. What are the advantages for Electrolux of having individuals from different departments and functional areas work together on product design? Describe.

In order to increase communication, to make the “product creation” a stimulating and cooperative one, his goal was to form a cross-functional team. The purpose was to really utilize each individual’s skills, knowledge, experience and their unique voices to complete a common goal, (pp.294). To be able to produce products that would speak and represent what consumers really wanted. Having people from all departments, engineers, designers, marketers, innovative, creators, thinkers, still all were consumer’s also out-in the real world.

3. In an era with intense competition and several low-cost products on the market, how can Electrolux use teamwork and groups to succeed? Describe.

In terms of enhancing their competitiveness, their reach and their overall position in the industry the Chief Executive and the other Executives he hired from reputable...
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