Chico Bark as an Active Component in Making an Insecticide

Topics: Dengue fever, Agriculture, Aedes aegypti Pages: 5 (1717 words) Published: January 1, 2013
e crops of farmers who depended on their crops as their source of income. The economic impact of insects is measured not only by the market value of products they destroy and the cost of damage they inflict, but also by the money and resources spent on prevention and control of pest outbreaks. In addition, some insects carry plant diseases which can affect the growth of plants. They threaten biodiversity, agricultural yields, trade, and the agricultural environment.

It is important to know that most insects are beneficial rather than destructive. Some insects play an essential role as pollinators of flowering plants just like the bees and butterflies. Some of the products derived from insects are honey, beeswax and silk. Despite of this fact, we cannot simply ignore it knowing that the number of beneficial insects is greater than the number of destructive insects. An action is needed in order to prevent the growing population of insects. It seems that there is an insect for every plant and therefore every crop, and often every part of the plant. Insects are mostly controlled by means of chemical methods which are mostly preferred by farmers. We cannot get rid of insects, but we can control them in our own ways. Different kinds of insects are associated with the different kinds of trees and plants because insects make up the biggest class of the world’s animals. They are important in a way because they play a vital role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem.

Insects are not only associated with crops, they have also plagued humanity throughout history both as competitors in human nutrition and as vectors of diseases such as plague, malaria and dengue fever. These diseases have caused death to people living in Southeast Asia. In addition, malaria and dengue fever can cause death to people. According to the World Health Organization, dengue outbreaks are mostly reported in the Southeast Asian nations including West Africa and the United States of America. Malaria and dengue fever are one of the most popular diseases in the Philippines carried by vectors such as anopheles and Aedes aegypti mosquito. These insects affect human health and can bring different kinds of diseases.

Different efforts and projects were made by the governments of different countries with regards to the control and prevention of insect infestation. Funds are being raised by departments concerned with production of agricultural crops in order to make an action regarding this matter. Farmers mostly rely with the use of commercial insecticides even if they are not sure with the safety of the product being used. The use of commercial insecticides can be harmful to the environment and at the same time, can cause pollution.

On the other hand, Philippines is a blessed country, having different varieties of animals and other species. With these abundant resources, we are provided with different opportunities to discover new things and improve our lives. Nature has become our sole provider over the past years. With these sources, we can utilize it to make extraordinary things out of ordinary ones.

Organic materials are one of the major resources that can be used to produce alternative sources of different products. They are safer to use than any other commercial products with regards to the toxic it contains. Compared to the price of the products available in the market, organic materials are cheaper, eco-friendly and environmentally safe because they are non-toxic. The use of organic materials provides marketing advantage because the researchers used the resources from the environment which only requires small amount of money. In addition, these are made from renewable sources such as plant and animal matter that has the ability to regenerate itself and can be produced again and again. Through the presence of organic materials, the researchers can develop and make their own insecticide without sacrificing its quality.

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