Chicken a La Carte Reaction

Topics: Want, Need, Blessing Pages: 1 (440 words) Published: November 15, 2012
Reaction on Chicken A La Carte by Ferdinand Dimadura
Guide questions:
1.What affected you? Why?
2.What are your realizations?
3.What does it tell you as a student of Biology?

What affected me was seeing how the less fortunate were so easily satisfied and happy with just having leftover food. The children could not wait to get their hands on the food brought by one man from their community. Seeing how they happily yet hungrily feasted on the chicken pieces that other people had already consumed made me want to wish I could go to them and be able to give them proper food. Being part of the better-heeled sector of the society, we easily get what we want. We have food on our tables everyday, three times a day. We have proper shelter and proper clothing. Our needs are well provided for, even greater than that of what is necessary yet we take them for granted. The scene wherein the family said grace before partaking of the leftover that their father brought home for them really touched my heart. The things that we most often take for granted is seen by others as a blessing. We demand a lot of things but it never crossed our minds that there are those who wish they had what we have. Have we even thanked the Lord for the things, how little it may be that he has given us? I am not sure what the short film should tell me as a Biology student, aside from that I am required to watch it and make a paper about it because it is a requirement in the ETAR class that is part of the curriculum. However, being a student in itself and being a part of a society where the situation showed is held true, part of the realizations it brought to me was that I can do something to make the situation better. I could start by being part of an outreach program that provides food, education, etc. It does not matter whether what I do may be big or small, whether I get recognition for it or not. What is important is that I am able to impart something in their lives and share the blessings...
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