Chick Fil a - Performance Management

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MGT 760
Chick-fil-A – Performance Management and Key Business Factors Performance Management is a process for establishing a shared understanding about what is to be achieved and how it is to be achieved. It is an approach to managing people that increases the probability of achieving success. In regards to the definition, Chick-Fil-A has a consistent and calibrated performance management process. They have been focusing on how to develop enough leaders, fast enough to create healthy growth. Leadership is the main part of the company’s success formula. They have a do-it-yourself leadership development culture. First of all they defined leadership at Chick-fil-A. They interviewed leaders within the company. After discussions they realized they needed more information. They decided to supplement their internal interviews with a survey of global best practices. As final part of process they read 200 books on leadership. They had a picture of leadership definition which is similar to iceberg. According to this model, like iceberg’s 90 percent is underwater, leadership character is hard to see. 10 percent is represents the skills of leaders. And they want to combine leadership and characteristic skills. They have seen character is 90 percent of what makes a leader. They want to do their best to select men and women of character and focus on helping them develop their skills as leaders. After that, they identified best leader skills. These are;

1- See the future: It is the vision skill, ability to improve business for future. 2- Engage and developed others: They want managers reach and develop their employee’s potential. 3- Reinvent continuously: It means that the leader is the catalyst for continuous improvement and innovation. It involves the leader’s continued growth and development. 4- Value result and relationship: They agree the idea that results are critical. But also they believe that results alone not sufficient. They want to maintain tension between...
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