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  • Published : October 1, 2012
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Dr. Rodolfo Jacobo
United States History: Chicano Perspective
Fall 2012
Short essay questions and sources for exam I

1. What were the historical roots of anti-Mexican sentiment according to the article “Origins of Anti-Mexican Sentient?”

The historical roots of anti- Mexican sentiment came from English immigrants who opposed the Spanish race due to mostly religion. The disgraceful attitude that the English showed the Spaniards also showed toward the aborigines and Latin Americans. These racial actions occurred mostly during the settling of Europeans in America. The Americans quickly became anti-Spanish and anti-Catholic, which started somewhat of an religious battle and fueled the hate between the American settlers and the Spaniards.

What according to Rudolfo Acuna was the myth behind the battle of the Alamo and what was the historical reality of the battle?

2. What according to your author Rudolfo Acuna was the religious justification for war against Mexico?

Refer to your book Occupied America chapter three. Also consult sources on Manifest Destiny.

3. What were the main civic and property rights established under article VIII and IX of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?

The main civic and property rights established under article VIII and IX were very important. Article VIII gave options to the Mexican residents that previously owned land in territories. The Mexicans could either go back to Mexico or retain the residence, remove or retain properties, and obtain an American or Mexican citizenship within the next year. Article IX talks abut Mexicans who gain an American citizenship. The Mexicans who gain a citizenship are entitled to all American rights according to the constitution, they also gain enjoyment in free liberty, property and religion without restriction.

4. What according to Rudolfo Acuna was social banditry and who were some of the social bandits?

Social banditry were Mexicans who did not find...
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