Chicago vs. School Union

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Chicago vs. School Union

By | November 2012
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Corey Raymond
Mr. Frelke
English 120
3 October 2012
Mayor of Chicago vs. City Schools Union
Schools in Chicago reopened on Wednesday the 19th of September after nearly three weeks of the city school’s union teacher strike that took place. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago’s Mayor took a stand and created dispute among the city’s public school system. Just like in every debate there are different views on this controversy and always will be. The Union organization for teachers went on strike for some reasons and the Mayor had his reasons for his uproar. So the big question is… Is it necessary for Unions to be a part of school systems for the teachers? In this dilemma I think it depends on the scenario in which the Union is beneficial or a problem for our education system today.

First off let’s talk about the reasons in which why these Teachers and the Union went on strike. The majority of the teachers were angry because of the way administration handled teacher evaluation. They based their evaluation off of student performance. 6,000 teachers could lose jobs based off the evaluation system. (“USA Today News.”) They were also concerned for their job security. There was a contract issue in their contracts as well that had them infuriated. Obviously the pay and the teacher’s salary were controversial. The average salary for a teacher in Chicago was $76,000 dollars according to CNN. U.S.

Mayor Emanuel was dismayed about the teacher’s actions and wanted justice. He claimed he wanted the city lawyers to “file an injunction in circuit court to immediately end the strike. (CNN). His main concern is the children and them missing school. He stated that it is just plain wrong for children to be caught in the middle of this and that is not fair to them. He wanted the teachers to get back to work as soon as possible. Longer school hours are what Emanuel wanted and to pass a law that the Union and the teachers could not go on strike for pay and job performance reasons....

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