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Chiaruscuro: A Report
The Dula-Aralan 2013 presented by the Official Resident Student Theater Group of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Sining-Lahi Polyrepertory in the National Arts Month is a stupendous one. Entitled as Chiaruscuro, meaning a contrast of light and dark, it features the plays Barbie Shop and Bloody Mary. The production was held on a 3-day presentation, February 13, 14 and 15, 4pm-5pm at the PUP Amphi Theater.

Christopher Fuensalida’s Barbie Shop (directed by Mary Grace Saldo), was a light and comedy one. The story revolves about Barbie, a gay who sells Barbie dolls and his two friends. The story tolds about the real happiness in life, friendship and something about our daily lives.

In contrast in the light concept of Barbie Shop, Paul Torren’s Bloody Mary (directed by Michelle Baja) was gothic and a Twilight-like concept. It’s all about three friends who played the game Bloody Mary to move on with their broken relationships. Although it is a dark concept, they delivered their sarcastic and humorous lines.

The whole production is amazing but the problems in theie presentation are some lines can’t hear clearly because the actors don’t have a lapel microphone and it is only a microphone that supports for the delivery of their lines and the actors blocked each other. It’s a nice concept that the Sining Lahi Polyrepertory did because after the play, audience gave comments about the whole play. Even though they need to improve some parts still their play is a marvellous one.
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