Chhit Mahals of India and Bangladesh

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Chhit Mahals of India and Bangladesh

By | December 2010
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To day I would like to discuss about such a group of people
 who are living stateless. In this 21 century while we are  talking about democracy or human rights there are men
 who do not have permanent state.  yes, I am talking about  the inhabitants of  the chit mahals of india and Bangladesh.  
                        At first I want to define the term chit mahal. It is a join word of chit and mahal. In Bengali language chit
means a fragment, something that is a part of whole, but not  intergrated into it.Mahal is a land frpm which revenue is collected .But in practical this chitmahal means the enclaves  of Indi and Bangladesh. Which are separated from main

 land of respective country. In one ward chitmahal means
 Indian rerritory in Bangladesh beyond the international
border and vice-versa.
India has 130 chitmahals having a total area of 20,957.07
acres. Bangladesh has 95 chitmahals, with a total area of
12,289.37 acres of lands.Informal figures tabulated by the
 non- governmental organization Oxfam put the figure of
Indian chitmahal resident at 1.5 lakh people who are citizens  of neither country.
The history of the citmahals date back to 1657 A.D. When
 Shahjahan was the mughal emperor and Raja
 Prananarayana was the king of Cooch behar. Raja
Prananarayana  wrested certain portion opf the mughal
empire by defeating Mir Luftulla, the subedar of
 kamrup.The cat and mous game between the mughals and
 cooch Behar kingdom was continued for almost 70 years.
Thus the king of cooch behar happened to have  some lands
 from where he used to collect revenue but  which were
 surrounded on all sides by lands belonging to the mughal
empire.Similerly mughals also  captured some part of the
cooch behar kingdom which  later came under the rule of 
the Nawab of Rangpur. So these lands  geographically
 separated from  the cooch behar and Rangpur estat
e became the  chitmahals.During the partition of...

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