Chfd215 Test 3

Topics: Intelligence, Intelligence quotient, Working memory Pages: 9 (2478 words) Published: May 27, 2012
Week 3 Quiz 3
Week 3 Quiz 3

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Part 1 of 1 Question 1 of 35 1.0 Points __________ fosters performance on many cognitive tasks because it ensures that working memory will not be cluttered with irrelevant stimuli. A. Cognitive self-regulation B. Cognitive inhibition C. Cardinality D. Metacognition Reset Selection

Question 2 of 35 1.0 Points A major weakness of the information processing approach is that A. computer models cannot capture the richness of everyday experiences. B. it lacks application to classroom teaching techniques C. it relies on only one mechanism of development. D. it is inconsistent with Piaget's theory. Reset Selection

Question 3 of 35 1.0 Points According to Case's neo-Piagetian theory, the following three factors are responsible for gains in workingmemory capacity: A. brain development; practice with schemes and automatization; formation of central conceptual structures. B. formation of central conceptual structures; strategy choice; development of metacognition. C. brain development; practice with schemes and automatization; formation of the central executive. D. practice with schemes and automatization; the formation of central conceptual structures; strategy choice. Reset Selection

Question 4 of 35 1.0 Points According to Siegler's model of strategy choice, A. children select strategies on the basis of their familiarity and simplicity. B. strategy development tends to be abrupt once children achieve success with a new strategy. C. even when they are aware of a more adaptive strategy, children may not take advantage of it. D. variation within and across tasks in strategy use is maladaptive. Reset Selection 2/19/2012

Week 3 Quiz 3

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Question 5 of 35 1.0 Points Connectionists claim that their findings present a powerful argument against A. neo-Piagetian theory. B. the information processing approach. C. Sigler's model of strategy choice. D. the core knowledge perspective. Reset Selection

Question 6 of 35 1.0 Points Despite failing his chemistry midterm, Keith continues to study for his chemistry final in the very same manner in which he studied for his midterm. This demonstrates Keith is not good at A. comprehension monitoring. B. ordinality. C. episodic memory. D. cognitive self-regulation. Reset Selection

Question 7 of 35 1.0 Points During the __________ year children display a beginning grasp of ordinality, and during the __________ year, children understand cardinality. A. second; fifth B. first; second C. third; fifth D. second; fourth Reset Selection

Question 8 of 35 1.0 Points In a study by Chi, when child chess experts and adult chess novices were asked to remember the location of chess pieces on a playing board, A. the children outperformed the adults, and did better than the adults when asked to recall a list of numbers. B. the adults recalled the configurations better than the children did. C. the children outperformed the adults, but the adults did better than the children when asked to recall a list of numbers. D. the adults and children performed similarly. Reset Selection

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Week 3 Quiz 3
Many researchers believe that sophisticated __________ is/are vital for the development of scientific reasoning. A. cognitive inhibition B. metacognitive understanding C. semantic memory skills D. central conceptual structures Reset Selection

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Question 10 of 35 1.0 Points Research on autobiographical memory indicates that __________ may lead to the offset of infantile amnesia. A. the development of recognition B. the increased reliance on verbatim memories with age C. the emergence of an implicit memory system D. learning to structure memories in narrative form. Reset...
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