Chewing Gum

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Brandon Thomas
English 1-2

Chewing Gum

You are walking in the hallway when you come upon a teacher giving a student a Saturday school. What could he have possibly done? Did he hit somebody or curse at a teacher? No, he was just chewing gum; a harmless activity that is prohibited in middle schools, but why? In fact, chewing gum speeds up you heartbeat and blood pressure just enough to wake up both the left and right hemispheres in your brain, accessing your memory and helping you to concentrate better. Do teachers not want students to concentrate better?

People chew gum for many reasons: to keep them awake, to make their breath smell better, or just because they like the flavor. But for some reason, students in middle school are not allowed to chew gum, while students in high school are. If you ask a teacher why students in middle school are not allowed to chew gum, most would say something like, “If we allowed students to chew gum in school, all they would do is stick it under my desks!” If that is the case, then why don’t middle schools just punish the students who are sticking the gum under the desks instead of punishing everyone who wants to chew gum?

In my opinion, receiving a Saturday school for chewing gum is ridiculous! Chewing gum is not going to make us die or anything. It might even help students raise their grades. So why can’t students in middle school chew gum while students in high school can? Only the teachers and principals know, but when are they going to realize that giving students Saturday school isn’t going to make them stop chewing gum? Even though there is nothing wrong with it.
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