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Chevaliers A case study in MIS- Management| June 7
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LO1 Understand the operational and economic characteristics of hospitality operations 1.1 analyses the nature of the product and service area 1.2 Evaluate the different influences affecting patterns of demand within hospitality operations. 1.3 Compare customer profiles and their differing expectations and requirements in respect of hospitality provision 1.4 Analyze factors affecting average spending power in hospitality business LO2 understand product development within a hospitality environment 2.1 evaluate the key stages in product and service development applied within a hospitality operations 2.2 analyses the features which contribute towards the customers perception of products and services 2.3 assess the opportunities and constraints affecting product and service development within a hospitality environment 2.4 evaluate different merchandising opportunities for hospitality products and services LO3 understand pricing and profitability concepts within hospitality operations 3.1 evaluate different methods of pricing taking into account additional pricing considerations 3.2 assess the factors in hospitality operations which affect revenue generation and profitability LO4 be able to use appraisal techniques to analyse and improve operational performance and make proposals for action 4.1 apply different performances measures and appraisal techniques to individual aspects of hospitality operations the product and the whole operations 4.2 determine the effectiveness of different quantitative and qualitative appraisal techniques and their application to hospitality operations 4.3 apply approaches to business analysis evaluation and planning appropriate to hospitality operation, making proposals for actions.

I read out whole case study and I found a chevalier is hospitality establishment which is situated on beach and because of many problems their sales going down. I found that there is no management, services are not that much good, bad condition of restaurant, no signage, lack of staff training, no experienced persons in establishment and proper cleaning. Customers become less day by day because they are not satisfied with services and atmosphere. Chevaliers get easily make money from restaurant but they don’t have proper planning and experienced persons to run business in good way or making more profits. Their restaurant situated on the beach and it is really very good location for business because customers attract from natural things. People love to see views and enjoying food while watching sea views. Chevaliers situated on beach with three storied restaurant. In this restaurant they have beach level kiosk, la carte restaurant and it can cover up to 100 covers and they also doing outdoor catering facility with 200 covers. In this establishment most of the people come from middle class families. Different types of customers come here to enjoy food like parents with children’s, walkers, joggers and couples. From the last one year chevaliers business in loss because of less customers. The success of any hospitality business depends mainly on its development plans. Business development includes a wide range of activities that create new or changed offerings, organizations process. It enhances sales, improves customer satisfaction, augments quality, diminishes costs and achieves numerous benefits for organizations to be successful and here I implement different strategies to improve business. There are numbers of things to run business and make more profits like pricing of f and b, accounting and maintenance etc.

Lo1 understand the operational and economic characteristics of hospitality operations. Nature of the product and services areas
Buffet service
A Buffet Service is a self-service serving style where the guests serve themselves. This style is a great method for feeding large...
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