Chestnut Drive Case Study

Topics: Term, Economics, Time Pages: 2 (333 words) Published: February 9, 2012
Your interests:Their interests:
Short Term: Short Term:
• Safety of our family • Finish project quickly with low cost ○ Construction site • Maintain good relationship with zoning cometee ○ Speeding trucks • Be able to sell the property at high value • Parking problems • Avoid liability

• A lot of dirt (pool)Long Term:
• Damage to property (foundations) • Maintain good reputations • Noise is a problem (writing, music, sleeping) ○ Avoid reputation and publicity problems • Danger with vibartions / explosions (dentist) • Maintain low cost of operations • Have a single point of contact and responsibility ○ No accidents • Shorten the period of the project and the damages because of it ○ No delays due to damaged equipment or injured personnel

Long Term:
• New business potential (clients)
• Increase property value
• Use their facilities
• Make sure there is enough parking
• Ensure no traffic congestions

Your alternatives:Their alternatives:
• Delay their project through injunction • Continue as it is ○ Require additional entry • Open alternate entry route ○ Require fence and lighting • Fence the area • Enforce safety regulations

• Sue them for damages due to project ○ Restrict the speed of trucks and fine violators • Generate bad PR to project through: ○ Threaten to replaces vendors who do not comply ○ Demonstrations • Stop or sell project ○ News

○ Etc.
• Initiate investigation into their practices and how the permits were acquired ○ Pressure zoning comeetee to withdraw permit...
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