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Topics: Variable cost, Costs, Profit maximization Pages: 9 (3390 words) Published: February 23, 2013
This report was created for the Module Planning assignment. It consist of a Revenue Management report where our group had to participate in a Chess Game. The aim of this game and report was to assess your performance as a hotel by using the principles of “IDEA”. The chess game was a realistic way of forecasting bookings and planning in order to maximize revenue. Furthermore, it was a fine method of learning and experiencing the ways of booking and working with room reservation in order to produce the best performance by making use of the tools that was given. finally, the results of the game clearly illustrated how well you performed and where you l can improve in the future.  

The Chasimi hotel aims to create a high class environment of a 4 star hotel and focus heavily on business guest throughout the week and focus on leisure guests in the weekends. The prices are adjusted daily in order to meet the demand that is expected and to reduce costs when the hotel is not booked to a certain extend. Even though that we sometimes practice overbooking, we also try to ensure that the hotel is not excessively overbooked resulting in negative brand perception and loss in profit. The hotel focuses on business guests because they are willing to pay higher rates and are stay shorter than leisure guests. This means that there is a faster room turnover than with leisure guests. The desired business mix that has been chosen for this hotel during the week (mon-thu)is 60% business guests, 30% groups, 10% leisure guests. During the weekend (fri-sun): 10% business, 30% groups and 60% leisure guests. The hotel’s tactic is to focus mainly on the demand of future decisions based on past results .During the week, more money is spent in advertisement on the business guests than the leisure and during the weekend, is the other way around. During the weekend the entertainment is higher than the week days due to the fact that the demand for entertainment is high for the leisure guests. On the contrary, the entertainment is not a priority for the business guests. Regarding the groups, the groups are only accepted if there is still an availability of85% of the rooms on the up coming days.

Chapter 1: Analysis of Strategies & Tactics
Key Performance Indicators
The following KPI’s were determined from the “performance Detail” report from the CHESS game which can be found in the appendix; figure 2. The ADR (average daily rate) is calculated based on the total of each target group and divide this with the total amount of days which is 40 days. The ADR for the business group is a total of $93.96, for the leisure group, it came to the total of $ 82.78. And ADR for the groups is $72.79 Regarding the REVPAR, based on the calculation made, it can be said that the total Revpar for the entire period is $ 75.15. (calculation: Revenue for all 40 days= $601.230, so 601.230/40= $15030.75/200=$75.15) The total yield percentage for the entire period is 68.32%. The calculation that has been made in order to determine the yield percentage was by dividing the actual revenue by the highest possible revenue. In this case, the highest possible revenue for the Chasimi Hotel is 200*110= 22,000. And the average actual revenue for one day is $15,030.75. Month of October REVPARADROccupancy %

Monday, 1$94.10 (18820/200)
$96.0298 %
Tuesday, 2 $96.55 (19310/200)$96.55100%
Wednesday, 3$95.15 (19030/200)
Thursday, 4$87.85 (17570/200)
Friday, 5 $ 85.95 (17190/200)$80.33107%
Saterday, 6 $66.25 (13250/200)$84.3979%
Sunday, 7$74.80 (14960/200)
Table 1: Illustration of Average Daily rate, Occupancy and Revpar for the week of October 1st till October 7th. According to Table 1, it can be said that to the highest Revpar of the week of October 1-7 is Tuesday. And for the ADR as well. The best Occupancy percentage for the week was on Friday. It can be concluded by the KPI’s...
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