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Chess Quotes list|
 01| “When you see a good move, look for a better one” (Emanuel Lasker)|
 02| “Nothing excites jaded Grandmasters more than a theoretical novelty” (Dominic Lawson)|
 03| “The Pin is mightier than the sword”
(Fred Reinfeld)|
 04| “We cannot resist the fascination of sacrifice, since a passion for sacrifices is part of a Chessplayer’s nature”
(Rudolf Spielman)|
 05| “All I want to do, ever, is just play Chess”
(Bobby Fischer)|
 06| “A win by an unsound combination, however showy,
fills me with artistic horror”
(Wilhelm Steinitz)|
 07| “The chessboard is the world, the pieces are the phenomena of the Universe, the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature and the player on the other side is hidden from us”
(Thomas Huxley)|
 08| “Adequate compensation for a sacrifice is having a sound combination leading to a winning position; adequate compensation for a blunder is having your opponent snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” (Bruce A. Moon)|

 09| “Strategy requires thought, tactics require observation” (Max Euwe)|
10| “I don’t believe in psychology. I believe in good moves” (Bobby Fischer)|
11| “Modern Chess is too much concerned with things like Pawn structure. Forget it, Checkmate ends the game”
(Nigel Short)|
12| “Life is a kind of Chess, with struggle, competition, good and ill events” (Benjamin Franklin)|
13| “Even the laziest King flees wildly in the face of a double check!” (Aaron Nimzowitsch)|
14| “Combinations have always been the most intriguing aspect of Chess. The masters look for them, the public applauds them, the critics praise them. It is because combinations are possible that Chess is more than a lifeless mathematical exercise. They are the

poetry of the game; they are to Chess what melody is to
music. They represent the triumph of mind over matter”
(Reuben Fine)|
15| “I give 98 percent of my mental energy to Chess”
Others give only 2 percent
(Bobby Fischer)|
16| “Chess is a fairy tale of 1001 blunders”
(Savielly Tartakower)|
17| “Chess is no whit inferior to the violin, and we have a large number of professional violinists”
(Mikhail Botvinnik)|
18| “Only the player with the initiative has the right to attack” (Wilhelm Steinitz)|
19| “The winner of the game is the player who makes the next-to-last mistake” (Savielly Tartakover)|
 20| “Your body has to be in top condition. Your Chess deteriorates as your body does. You can’t separate body from mind”
(Bobby Fischer)|
 21| “Of Chess it has been said that life is not long
enough for it, but that is the fault of life, not Chess”
(William Ewart Napier)|
 22| “I have added these principles to the law: get the Knights into action before both Bishops are developed”
(Emanuel Lasker)|
 23| “Life is like a game of Chess, changing with each move” (Chinese proverb)|
 24| “You cannot play at Chess if you are kind-hearted” (French Proverb)|
 25| “Its just you and your opponent at the board
and you’re trying to prove something”
(Bobby Fischer)|
 26| “It is the aim of the modern school, not to treat every position according to one general law, but according to
the principle inherent in the position”
(Richard Reti)|
 27| “The Pawns are the soul of the game”
(Francois Andre Danican Philidor)|
 28| “In order to improve your game, you must study the endgame before everything else, for whereas the endings can be studied and
mastered by themselves, the middle game and the opening
must be studied in relation to the endgame”
(Jose Raul Capablanca)|
 29| “Without error there can be no brilliancy”
(Emanuel Lasker)|
 30| “Chess is like war on a board”
(Bobby Fischer)|
 31| “Chess is played with the mind and not with the hands!” (Renaud and Kahn)|
 32| “Chess is mental torture”
(Garry Kasparov)|
 33| “Many have become Chess Masters,
no one has become the Master of Chess”
(Siegbert Tarrasch)|
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