Chesapeake vs. New England

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Chesapeake vs. New England
The majority of those who settled New England and the Chesapeake Colonies were from England however, both groups came to the New World for different reasons, settled different areas, and therefore upheld two distinct societies. New England settled for religious reasons

Back home in England the Puritans, who wanted to purify the Anglican church, and Separatists, who wanted to separate from the Anglican church, were trying to live in a country that was going through a depression, tolerated excessive drinking, gambling, and swearing while the king promised to rid the country of all radical Protestant reformers. The Puritans, in an attempt to keep the non-Puritan people away, wanted to flee to an area that was unknown and uninviting which turned out to be the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The Separatists founded the Plymouth Colony. Those that came to the New England area were religious families that had no desire to get rich, they simply wanted a place to call home while they practiced their religion and according to John Winthrop become a “city on a hill”. Their strict religious beliefs that allowed them to believe in the devil led to the Salem witch hysteria in 1692 where many, perhaps too assertive for their time, women were hung. Chesapeake settled for economic reasons

The Chesapeake Colonies were founded for financial reasons by the mother country and mostly young men who wanted to get rich. After only 12% of early Jamestown colonists survived the “starving time” of 1610 England relaxed laws and increased incentives for those venturing to the area, which resulted in scores of immigrants flocking to the Chesapeake area. Due to hard times in England some chose to become indentured servants and migrate to the Chesapeake and tend to the tobacco crops in hopes of acquiring their own land once their time is served, this would not be the case for most. Many indentured servants were literally worked to death. In 1676 the capital of...
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