Chesapeake vs. Massachusetts

Topics: England, Greater London, Regional Assemblies in England Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: September 13, 2008
The Chesapeake and New England regions settled in The New World with different economic and religious motives, which led to different beliefs, traditions and interests. These factors ultimately led up to two separate societies, though both regions were mostly settled by the English. The Chesapeake region consisted mainly of men in search of land, and economic opportunity. The New England region contained families who had ventured to The New World to find a haven for their Separatist religion.

The men in the Chesapeake region mainly spent their time trying to earn a profit by selling tobacco, planting on their farms or plantations, or looking for gold. Most of these men were entrepreneurs from England, who were trying to find a way to become wealthy quickly, and then live their life in luxury. The immigrants in New England brought their families on the voyage across the Atlantic to The New World, and wanted to start a new life, and escape from religious persecution in Europe. They founded colonies such as Massachusetts and Connecticut, to serve as model Christian societies. The families in these settlements were very close-knit, which made it possible to develop a democracy. Each person could have input which made the government effective and adding to the stability of the New England region.

The settlers of the New England region had a more stable society than those of the Chesapeake region, partly due to healthier and longer life spans. Longer life spans resulted in more children being born and better family lives. The men in the Chesapeake region had to deal with diseases and sickness such as malaria and dysentery, because of their location in a swampy area. There were no women in the Chesapeake region, which meant that no children were being born, and also had to take the responsibility of completing women’s work. The population in the Chesapeake area was dwindling. The settlers here were too busy trying to attain financial success, and were separated by...
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