Chesapeake Bay and New England Dbq

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  • Published : February 6, 2011
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The immigrants that settled the colonies of Chesapeake Bay and New England came to the New World for two different reasons. These differences were noticeable in social structure, economic outlook, and religious background. As the colonies were organized the differences were becoming more and more obvious and affected the way the communities prospered. These differences are evident from both written documents from the colonists and the historical knowledge of this particular period in time.

Although the settlements of Chesapeake Bay and New England came from the same mother country their social structure was very different and as a result, affected the prosperity of the new born colonies. The New England colony’s population was very diverse and consisted of men, woman, children, servants and most importantly families (DOC B). Due to the fact that the New England colony had such a diverse population their settlement had room to grow in size, population, and wealth. Contrary to the New England colony, the Chesapeake Bay colony’s population consisted of almost all young men (DOC C). The main reason this colony suffered was because they did not have woman or children which meant that they did not have any one to reproduce with which meant they had no one that would be next in kin. So, eventually there would not be anyone left in that particular colony.

The settlements differences did not stop at social structure, but in fact were even more evident in their economic outlook. When the Chesapeake Bay colonists left England they had dreams of finding gold and other various riches. They were quite selfish and did not care about the how well the community did but how wealthy they would become as an individual (DOC F). Due to the fact that discovering gold was not a common occurrence in and around the new colony, many hopes of becoming extremely wealthy were diminished. Eventually, the settlers discovered tobacco and many people did become very wealthy, this was...
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