Chesapeake and New England Colonies, and Their Relationship with Natives

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  • Published : August 25, 2013
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It all depends on the region you look at.
New England Colonies: Mass Bay viewed the indians as inferior and believed that because of this they were obligated to take the land. Several indian tribes over the 17th century attacked mass bay with the most infamous being King Phillips war (look it up in textbook index if you need more detail). In the Plymouth colony the pilgrims and the natives started off great (first thanksgiving remember?) an english speaking native named squanto was a big reason for their harmony, however mass bay eventually took over Plymoth so the harmony didn't last too long. Also Roger Williams didn't only form Rhode island for a seperation between church and state, he also believed the indians should be paied for the land they gave to the colonists.

In the Chesapeake colonies such as Virginia (Jamestown) Natives origianily showed them how to grow crops and even asked the english settelers to allign with them to fight other indian tribes. However, as Jamestownians kept taking more and more land their relationships turned bitter and the powhatans(sp?) revolted in 1622 and 1644

thats all i can think of from the top of my head, hope it helps Source(s):
I don't really think catholosims comes into play because that had to more with the spanish who delt with the natives in the 1500's

I'll just give you the basic facts, I'm currently taking AP US History as well. Basically the European Colonists didn't get along very well with the American Indians right away. The indians felt that the European Colonists were invading their property and they wanted them out. The Europeans also brought lots of diseases with them, which made the Indians die at a quicker rate. They had the Powhatan War, as we all know many indians died, and many European Colonists died. The New York colonists didn't have very many problems with the Indians, but when you get to Chesapeake there's a bunch of problems out of no where. New England didn't really have any...