Chernobyl Outline

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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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The Basic Information for the Nuclear Power Plant Diaster Chernobyl

Chernobyl was rated as one of the safest nuclear power stations. It is a small town near the Ukraine near the Belarus border. In 1986 the U.S.S.R. generated roughly 10% of the world’s nuclear power from only 43 operating reactors. They produced 27,000 mega watts of electric. There were two explosions of the Chernobyl Nuclear power station. The first explosion destroyed the core of reactor number 4. The 2nd explosion was more powerful causing graphite and reactor fuel into the air. The explosion had created a crater with burning graphite and about 30 fires around the plant. All fires were extinguished 4.5 hours after explosion ,except the graphite fire inside of the reactor crater. This was accomplished using 37 fire crews each consisting of 186 fireman and airdrops from helicopters using sand clay, boron, dolomite, and lead. Firemen in the reactor building died. Firemen on the roof suffered from acute radiation sickness. While on the other hand firemen in other countries use protective clothing and breath through oxygen masks. The morning after the disaster there was no warning to any local by the government. A 30 k/m was est. around the plant and whoever was within this distance was to be evacuated. Robots were first sent in to help clean up but they were interfered with by the nuclear wastes. The radiations levels were 15,000 times greater than a normal person’s exposure in a year. Radioactive particles were airborne for days landing around neighboring towns and cities which soon spread internationally. Decontamination took place from May until the beginning of winter. Anything around the plant were buried. 60,000 buildings had to be washed using special chemicals while roofs were replaced and trees were cut down being buried in cement pits. Medical time during the tragedy was very poor. Environmentalists wanted these plants to be replace with wind and solar power...
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