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Cherished Anxiety

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  • June 2012
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It's commonly accepted that we live in an age of anxiety today. Especially the young are under a heavy burden of tension and strain from which they may break down. Some critics even take the high suicide rate nowadays as an example to show how serious the problem is. But from my perspective, there lies some misunderstanding.

First of all, it's necessary to shed light upon what exactly is anxiety. It exists as an uneasy state of mind, in which one has a feeling that something unmanageable may happen. Furthermore, what I want to stress out is that anxiety reflects our eagerness or longing. Free from the terror directed against oneself, we have come to describe such emotion as anxiety, in contrast to the fear of hunger, loss, violence, and death. To be more specific, college students who committed suicide were not so much anxious as fearful, depressed or desperate.

Then why, you may wonder, has anxiety become so common among college students? Several reasons account for this. With rapid changes in our society, the young fellows may get a little bit confused and nervous about what would happen the next second. Yet seldom can they know immediately if the changes are adverse. It's no wonder, therefore, that anxiety keeps haunting and harrying their minds.

In addition, seemingly unlimited possibilities in our society challenge the young generation's insight, decision and determination. However difficult it is for them to choose, they must make a decision. Say, they have to choose their major, career, etc. And they still have to accept the fact that one day they might be slightly regretful over "the road not taken " (also a well-known poem by Robert Frost). Driven by such eagerness for the right choice, they've got a feeling which can be appropriately described as anxiety.

Based on the above statement, I do admit that college students are anxious. Yet instead of making life a mess, anxiety in right amount actually contributes to success and happiness....

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