Chemsitry Airship Project

Topics: Airship, Hot air balloon, Hydrogen Pages: 8 (2840 words) Published: April 8, 2013
Project Sarah Mari 10 B Honors


1. There are three kinds of airships that have been manufactured: blimps, dirigibles, and hot air balloons.

* What is the mechanism of flight for each one? That is, how does each fly? Blimps, a standard form of commercialism, are perhaps one of the most familiar air-balloon/vehicle to the public. It is not an uncommon sight to espy blimps hovering over a football field, parading the newest line of products during super bowl half-time. Both blimps and hot air balloons are connected by the same type of mechanization; much the same way a submarine does, these “air automobiles” apply the concept of buoyancy. Gases with a density lighter than air are used to generate lift. The cone is also an additional accessory that helps to generate lift. Likewise, Dirigibles are held aloft by hydrogen/helium gas particles, which are contained within the hollow expanses of several “cells” designed for such a purpose. The framework of a dirigible is enclosed by an outer-covering of cloth of weatherproof and stretched material, bound by aircraft dope (which is a sort of plasticized lacquer that ensure the fabric of the aircraft is sealed tight.) * How are these airships similar? How are they different? The previously described airships all contain a type of “fabric envelop”,or gas bag. A hot air balloon employs simple scientific principles of warmer air and cooler air. Unlike it’s counterpart, blimps and dirigibles are equipped with specific components and flight control services that enable it of flight and maneuvering.Moreover, a dirigible, in contrast to the other two, is a craft of varied types, defined by their rigidity in the framework.(rigid,semirigid,nonrigid.)A nonrigid dirigible is one most comparatively similar to category of blimps. Blimps and Dirigibles have been known in the past to have military purpose, demonstrated in WW 1 & 2. Hot air balloons, however, are usually targeted as a popular alternative to vacation trips and approaches to research. Also, Hot air balloons can attain far higher altitudes than that of Dirigibles and Blimps. * What are the relative advantages of one over the other? The aforementioned fact of blimps and dirigibles possessing the aptitude of self-propelment and steering power is an obvious advantage over the less-complex hot air balloon. In addition, blimps and dirigibles have use for hauling cargo and transporting goods-and as a future prospect, tourism. Hot air balloons can be considered a safer and more secure method of air passage, specifically for its reliance on wind patterns for motion and altitude. However, Blimps and Dirigibles are capable of stating afloat for virtually “days” at constant air level. * What are the limitations of each?

Maximum known speeds for all three aircraft:
-Blimps: The maximum operating altitude of the typical modern blimp is around 3,000 to 4,000 feet above sea level, and can reach speeds up to 30 mph. -Dirigible: The top speed of a dirigible is about 80 miles per hour (130 km/h), but it can travel 5,000 miles (8,000 km) without landing. Can achieve the same altitude as of a blimp. -Hot air balloons: While having the proficiency of reaching high altitudes, the highest recorded was 65,000 ft. Speed is a factor determined by wind;however,most hot air balloons are not acknowledged because of them. * Give historical examples of each and be sure to include at least one photo for each one. - Great Britain built two models of a “rigid” dirigible, the R-100 and R-101, both completed in 1929.In its test trial, the former made a successful trip while the latter was destroyed due to a flaw and then...
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