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Topics: Chemistry, Chemical reaction, Experiment Pages: 2 (398 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Direct synthesis of the bee pheromone, isoamyl acetate (sample title) Direct synthesis of the bee pheromone, isoamyl acetate (sample title) CHEMISTRY

Allan Patrick G. Macabeo*, Paulo N. Avelino, Dingdong A. Dantes Department of Chemistry, College of Science

*Corresponding author; e-mail:
Write here the highlights and summary of your experimental results. The first sentence should tell what your experiment is all about. Limit this part to 4-5 sentences. Keywords: xxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxxx, xxxxxxxxxx (3 to 5)

Write here statements and literatures related to the main subject(s) in your experiment (1-2 pages). State the objective(s) of the experiment in the last paragraph. Label figures or structures as Figure 1, etc. with brief description (ex. Structure of caffeine) (written below the figure). Where relevant, cite your references (author-year format ex. Macabeo et al., 2012 for more than two authors; for two authors ex. Macabeo and Avelino, 2012). Results and discussion

Describe and write here your experimental results (3rd person! 2-4 pages). Explain and/or discuss results through related chemical principles. Express reactions and mechanisms through chemical equations and label them as schemes (ex. Scheme 1. Mechanism of Fischer esterification (written below the scheme)). Tabulate results in a table with description (ex. Table 1. Volume of ethanol collected during simple distillation) (written before the table!). Cite references as needed (format as intro). Observe proper nomenclature of compounds. Conclusions are included here as the last paragraph. Experimental methodology

Write here the detailed description of your experimental procedures (past passive, third person). Do not start sentences with numericals! Observe proper nomenclature of compounds, writing of chemical formula and symbols, and units of measurements. DO NOT include here...
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