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These are the ions and their charges: Al+3 N-3
The charges have to add up to zero, so one +3 Al ion cancels out one -3 ion. Thus, the molecular formula is AlN. Rare Earths Investment
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Can you answer these Chemistry questions?
Are their form where sodium chloride conducts electricity?
What is the role of chemistry in human welfare?
How the melting point of alkenes can be increase by increasing molecular mass? What did Neil Bohr discover about atoms?
What is the arrangement and motion of the particles in copper sulphate crystal? Relevant answers:
Aluminium nitride formula?
What is the formula for aluminium nitride?
The scientific formula for this is AlN
What is the formula of aluminium?
The chemical symbol for aluminum is Al.
Formula of nitride?
Formula = N3-
Formula for nitride?
just N
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