Chemistry Project

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Name: Shahid Hussain
Subject: Chemistry
Teacher: Dr Ramani
Topic: Comparing Solutions

Saturated Solutions|  A solution that can hold no more of the solute at a particular temperature is said to be a saturated solution at that temperature.|

When someone adds sugar to iced tea, the sugar disappears. If you add one teaspoon of sugar to iced tea, you get an unsaturated solution. If you keep adding sugar to the iced tea, you eventually get to the point where the sugar just sinks to the bottom. | An example of a saturated solution would be to add salt, sodium chloride, to water until no more salt will dissolve in the water.  When no more salt will dissolved the solution is said to be saturated.|

Unsaturated solution| An unsaturated solution is a solution, which contains less amount of solute than is required to saturate it at that temperature.| When you add salt to water you can mix the solution and the salt seems to "disappear". You can continue adding the salt into the glass of water and mix it until the salt starts to appear. This indicates that the solution has too much solute. The time before the salt started appearing was when you had an unsaturated solution|  If you add the iced tea powder in water and some sugar is kept at the bottom that means it is saturated, if you put less amount of the iced tea and keep stirring and adding more until it’s got enough and nothing is standing at the bottom then you'll know its unsaturated. |

Super Saturated Solutions| A saturated solution is one where it will not dissolve any more of the solid under normal circumstances. It can, however,...
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