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Topics: Real number, Pythagorean theorem, Velocity Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Introduction and Theory: A two dimensional object is a figure that has both width and height. Today in physics a two dimensional lab was done to decide the distance of an ice cream cone shooter. To do this, the formula (d=Ví t + (1/2) at^2) has to be implemented. I decided to make my Y equal to one meter, so my calculations would be easy to get. I knew my acceleration for Y was -9.8, the velocity initial for Y was zero, and the time it will take for the ice cream to reach zero is .452. For X I know that time is also .452, and that the acceleration is zero. To get started I decided the vertical distance, and then I calculated the time, using the time I figured out the initial velocity, and then I used this to figure out the distance the cone would go in the X direction. Then using the Pythagorean Theorem, I figured the total distance. The distance I got from my calculations which I will expand on is 1.414408737. |

Problem: “With the information given in the reading, figure out, how far the ice cream shooter will go.” Hypothesis: “If I figure out the X and Y, then I can figure out the total distance.” Experimental Design: Using the information I knew, I figured out the time it would take for the cone to reach the ground again. Then using the time I figured out the initial velocity of the cone, and then I used velocity to figure out the horizontal distance of the cone. Then using all the information I gathered I figured out the distance the cone goes. The materials needed for this lab are; Ice cream shooter, books (to make the vertical distance one meter), Meter stick (to make correct distances), maybe a calculator (to make the calculations easier). Procedures followed are; 1.Get Materials

2.Write out Known factors for both the x and y axis
3.Use the Known factors to get the time.
4.Launch the shooter in a vertical direction, and then figure out how many seconds it takes to reach that height. 5.Use this information to get the shooter’s initial...
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