Chemistry Lab Experiment: The Flame Test

Topics: Sodium chloride, Salt, Flame Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: February 23, 2013
Flame test:
AIM: To determine which part of the salt is responsible for the characteristics in the flame.

HYPOTHESIS: If we introduce a metal salt in the blue flame of the Bunsen burner, then the colour given off by the flame is due to the metal part of the salt.

(1)With a heat proof mat under the Bunsen burner, turn the gas on and light up the Bunsen burner with matches. (2)Pour enough Hydrochloric acid into a beaker.
(3)Using your wire, dip it into the beaker containing Hydrochloric acid (4)Place it into the flame for a few seconds; this is the cleaning method to avoid contamination of other solutions. If the Bunsen burner flame does not change colour, then your wire is clean and you can proceed to dip it into a metal salt. (5)Dip your wire into a metal salt either the nitrate or chloride and place the wire onto the tip of the blue flame. (6)Observe the change in colour of the Bunsen burners flame and record the observations as you go. (7)As long as you clean the wire as directed in step 3-4 you can proceed into testing the other metal salts.


Q1: Were there any main difference between the chloride salts and the nitrate salts? If there was please comment on what it was Yes, I had observed some difference between the colour produced from the chloride and nitrate salts present in one flame test. The strontium flame admitted both a similar orange colour, but the strontium nitrate has a much more vibrant dark orange than the strontium chloride.

Q2: Suggest reasons why the experiment tested both nitrate and chloride salts? The experiment tested both nitrate and chloride salts to allow us to compare which part of salt is responsible for the colour change of the flame.

Q3: Suggest why flames on gas stove burn orange-yellow when a small amount of water boils over onto them? This is due to the chemicals present in the water; such as sodium chloride, calcium ion. The orange-yellow flame admitted could also be due to the...
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