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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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October 13, 2012
Needle through a Balloon

Pre-Lab Preparations:

Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to see if the balloon pops when pierced with a wooden skewer or a sharp pin.

Hypothesis: If we lubricate the skewer with petroleum jelly, then it should go through the balloon without popping.

Hypothesis for the 2nd part of the Lab: If we cover the side of the balloon with cellophane tape, then it will not pop when pierced with the pin.

Long wooden skewer
Petroleum jelly
A sharp pin
Cellophane tape
A pencil

Pre-Lab Questions:
1.The balloon is being tested and analyzed
2.We are using sight and touch
3.Independent= petroleum jelly
Dependent= the balloon
4.Controls= Petroleum jelly
Constant= the cellophane tape and a sharp pin

Pre-Lab Questions for 2nd part of Lab:
1.The balloon is being tested and analyzed
2.We used sight as our scientific skills
3.Independent: the pin
Dependent: the balloon
4.Control(s)= cellophane tape
Constant= the air in the balloon
Procedures and Observation:

Procedures: Observations: 1. Blew up the balloonNothing happened
2. Put petroleum jelly all over the wooden skewerThe wooden skewer is completely covered with petroleum jelly. The petroleum jelly feels greasy 3. Put the skewer gently into the balloon It took a while for the skewer to go inside the balloon 4. Pushed on the skewer a little harderThe skewer finally went inside the balloon and the petroleum jelly was pushed to the end of the skewer. The entrance point and end point of the balloon is darker than the inside of the balloon.

Procedure for 2nd part of lab:
1. Blew up the balloonNothing happened
2. Put cellophane tape on the side of the balloon and press down hardNothing happened 3. Poked the needle through the side of the balloonNeedle went right through the tape into the balloon and did not pop 4. After...
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