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  • Published : November 1, 2012
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Experiment 1: TLC Analysis of Analgesic Drugs

Purpose: The goal of this experiment is to test our knowledge and understanding of TLC analysis by having us do a TLC analysis of analgesics to figure out their main chemical components. Calculations:

1.) Rf = Distance spot traveled/ distance solvent traveled Results:
Table 1: TLC Analysis
Analgesic Drugs| Rf Value|
Acetaminophen| 0.323|
Aspirin| 0.597|
Caffeine| 0.081|
Unknown 154 (Plate 1)| 0.081, 0.306, 0.597|
Ibuprofen| 0.698|
Salicyclamide| 0.587|
Unknown 154 (plate 2)| 0.079, 0.397, 0.587|

The goal of this experiment was to use TLC Analysis to determine the analgesic drug present in the unknown solution 154. One observation of the unknown spotting solution was that it was cloudy. After forming the unknown spotting solution it was then heated to make it a more saturated solution thus enabling the spots on the TLC plate to contain more of the drug making it easier to compare it with the other drugs. After the TLC plates were developed and visualized first through UV light and then through an Iodine chamber ( though no more spots were visualized with iodine chamber) , Rf values were then taken of each spot on the plate. The Acetaminophen had a value of 0.323, Aspirin had a value of 0.597, Caffeine had a value of 0.081, Unknown 154 on the first plate had 3 different values; 0.081, 0.306, 0.597, Ibuprofen had a value of 0.698, Salicylamide had a value of 0.587, and Unknown 154 on the second plate had three different values as well; 0.079, 0.397, and 0.587. Through analysis it was determined that unknown 154 was Aspirin. This was found by comparing the Rf values of all the analgesic drugs to unknown 154. After comparing them it was seen that the Rf value for Aspirin matched one of the Rf values for unknown 154 exactly. The determination of the unknown was further supported by looking at the samples in solution. Both the unknown 154 and Aspirin were...
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