Chemistry Exam Study Guide

Topics: Periodic table, Atom, Valence electron Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: March 14, 2012
Chemistry Exam Study Guide
1. Which of the following describes the pattern of repitition of elemental properties every eight elements? - The Law of Octaves 2. The relationship in which the physical and chemical properties of elements show a periodic pattern when the elements are arranged by increasing atomic number is called - the periodic law 3. Who classified the elements into triads? - dobereiner

4. the scientist credited with the first periodic table of elements was - Mendleev. 5. the scientist who observed a pattern of properties that repeated every eight elements was - Newlands 6. Who discovered the concept of atomic number - Moseley

7. Mendeleev arranged the elements in his periodic table in order of increasing - atomic mass 8. in the periodic table, the periods are the - Horizontal rows 9. How many periods are in the periodic table? - 7

10. How many labeled groups are in the periodic table? - 18. 11. How many elements are in the first period of the periodic table? - 2. 12. the elements in Group 1A of the periodic table are called the - alkali metals 13. the elements in Group 2A of the periodic table are the – Alkaline Earth Metals 14. What are the elements in Group 7A of the periodic table called? – Halogens 15. What are the elements in Group 8A of the periodic table called – Noble gases 16. Malleability is the characteristic of – Metals.

17. those electrons that are largely responsible for an atom;s chemical behavior are called – valence electrons. 18. The valence electrons in an atom are always – the outermost electrons. 19. The second period of the periodic table contains – the s-block and p-block only.

20. Which of the following is represented by the abbreviated electron configuration of an atom of an element? – the electron configuration of the preceding noble gas and the valence electrons of the element. 21. A systematic variation in the properties of elements going down a group or across a period is called a –...
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