Chemistry Essay on Metals

Topics: Metal, Aluminium, Copper Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Chemistry Essay On Metals
Iraj Malik

The International School

A metal is defined as a chemical element that is malleable and ductile, usually solid, has a characteristic luster, and is a good conductor of heat and electricity, e.g. copper or iron. Metals form oxides that are basic, they are good reducing agents and metals have lower electro negatives.There are many properties of metals. The chemical properties are that they can combine together with other metals to form am alloy. The mechanical properties of metals are that they are very strong and ductile which enables the extensive use of metals in structures and machinery. They are malleable and they can be deformed that is they can be turned into different shapes like the aluminum frames for windows. Metals are also very strong and their strength allows them to be the perfect material to use for the construction of buildings, aircraft frames, bridges, gas pipelines and cables. Metals are electrical and thermal conductors. They also have high densities compared to those of non metals. Metals aren’t always very expensive but some metals like platinum are expensive. All metals are extracted from the Earth using mining methods that result in ores which provide a rich source of that particular metal. Metals have amazed mankind for ages including the Before Christ time. The metals were used back in those times for weapons for purposes such as hunting. Especially silver and gold, which were discovered a long time ago and used by people back then. So basically, gold, silver, iron and copper were the oldest metals discovered around 6000 BC. The growth of metals continued as the time passed and now in the 20th century there are so many metals with so many useful uses for us. There are many uses of metals, as I mentioned above that metals were used as weapons and tools back in the olden days. Metals such as gold, silver and platinum are also used for making jewelry such as necklaces...
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