Chemistry Assignment

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Part 1
Chemist 1: New product development
This career role involves the development of new paints to meet changing market needs. The chemist would be working as a member of a team developing and testing new colloidal paints to suit specific purposes. This might include weatherproof paints, which retain their colour and are resistant to solar radiation, or indoor paints that can be easily and repeatedly washed. Chemist 2: Environmental monitoring

This career role as a public servant could involve monitoring air and water quality and interpreting data to provide policy advice to statutory authorities. The chemist would be working as a member of a team providing advice on the formulation of government policies relating to air and water quality. Chemist 3: Research chemist in surfactants

A chemist working in research in this area assists in the development of new products for agriculture and/or cleaning products. They would work closely with chemical engineers in taking the new surfactant to full-scale production. Chemist 4: Research chemist in drug development

This career role involves the development of new pharmaceuticals to improve the treatment of diseases or medical conditions. The chemist would work as a member of a team developing and testing new substances designed for specific purposes. Chemist 5: Chemical engineer

This career role involves the design, operation and enhancement of industrial chemical plants. This career role would require academic qualify cations such as a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering.

It is important for chemists to collaborate with each other as they collect and analyse date. In team work people can share idea between each other and it also can improve the efficiency of working. People will get more details and also can know the stuff faster than individual. For example people do experiment at the same time group work can get more details and more information than individual. To get good and right result people need focus on the accurate and reliable. More people can do more times experiment and it saves the time during the experiment. Therefore collaborate with each other are important in chemists.

Name of chemist| Gemma Thompson|
industry| Plastics|
Branch of chemistry| Plastics industry|

Gremma worked for ten years with orica in their plastics business, as laboratory manager in their polypropylene factory, and then as quality and project manager in their polythene factories. The polythene business consists of two manufacturing plant, called alkathene and alkatuff. Alkathene produces low density polythene using an autoclave process, and is typically used for film application and the autoclave process developed over 50 years ago for high volume manufacture uses high temperatures as well as high pressures. The newer plant at botany alkatuff produces linear low density polythene, using a much safer and cleaner process than alkathene, with low pressure and low temperatures. This is perfect example of chemists and engineers working together over years of experience to design improved technology giving a similar product using less fuel, producing less waste, and operating under safer conditions. A common additive included at the extrusion stage is antiblock, which is like a powder that fills the microscopic holes in the plastic film. This stops sheets of plastic sticking together when they need to be opened quickly. Consider an assembly line placing fresh loaves of bread in plastic bags.

Gemma Thompson works on the plastics-‘alkathene and alkatuff’. Gemma developed produce of alkatuff with using safer and cleaner process and low pressure and low temperatures to 50years ago for high volume manufacture uses high temperatures as well as high temperature. One aspect of her role is to facilitate an understanding of chemistry in the non-scientific community and to assist students and teachers in their learning.

Part 2
a) In 1905 he published works...
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