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  • Published : September 25, 2012
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Reactions & Nuclear Chemistry Assessment Task Assignment Question 1
Produce a summary reactions sheet for all the chemical reactions encountered in production of materials. Your summary should contain the following components a) Name of reaction
b) General word equation
c) Balance formulae equation
d) An example of the reaction

Question 2
What types of instruments and processes are used to detect radiation? The properties of nuclear radiation are used to detect their levels. Different types of radiation have different effects on the human body. The key properties that are used to detect nuclear radiation include the ability to: * Geiger-Müller tube

Geiger-Müller tubes work using ionising effect of radioactivity. It is best at detecting alpha particles because alpha particles ionise strongly. There is a counter attached to show the number of particles detected per minute. * Photographic Film

Photographic film will darken with radioactivity and this effect can be used to detect how much radiation has struck the film. * Gold Leaf Electroscope
The electroscope is charged and the gold leaf sticks out. When a radioactive source comes near the electroscope discharges and the gold leaf falls. * Cloud Chamber
It contains a super-saturated vapour, which condenses into droplets when disturbed and ionised by passages of a particle. * Bubble Chamber
A similar idea to an expansion cloud chamber, particles leave trails of tiny bubbles in a liquid. This used to be the main instrument for tracking the results of collisions in particle accelerators. * The Spark Counter

The Spark Counter uses the ionising effect of radioactivity, A high voltage is applied between the gauze and wire, enough to produce sparks. Radioactive source comes near and the air between the gauze and wire is ionised and the sparks jump where particles pass. Question 3

Choose one radioisotope
a) Name one use and describe the way the radioisotope is used...
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