Chemistry Aim

Topics: Water, Laboratory equipment, Boiling point Pages: 3 (675 words) Published: April 24, 2013
The aim of this experiment was to develop a technique to separate a mixture of sand, salt, iron filings, kerosene and water.

It was hypothesized that the heterogeneous mixture of salt, sand kerosene, iron fillings and water will be effectively separated. It is also predicted that there will be a decrease in each of the substances as a results of sources of error.

Risk assessment:

Risk | Control Measure |
Glass- Fragile, lacerations could occur | Extra care was taken, gloves worn when handling. Enclosed shoes worn.| Kerosene- skin irritant, eye irritant, hazardous if inhaled or digested. Highly flammable. | Lab coats, safety glasses, extra care was taken when handling and was not placed near any facial parts. Kept away from flame at all times. | Sand- skin and eye irritant| Lab coats and safety glasses worn | Salt- skin and eye irritant | Lab coats and safety glasses worn| Iron fillings- dangerous to ingest | Extra care when taken. Was not placed near mouths.| Bunsen burner- Fire: serious burns could occur, hazardous to surroundings. | Was not placed near any flammable liquids. Heatproof mat used, Safety flame on when unattended, extra care taken. |

1 gram of sand, salt and iron filings were weighed out accurately and the results were recorded and noted. 50mL of kerosene and 50mL of water were also measured and using a measuring cylinder. The components were all thoroughly mixed together to ensure that any soluble substances were dissolved. A magnet was placed over the mixture to magnetize the iron fillings. The iron filings were then collected and weighed. The mixture then had undergone filtration to eliminate the solid particles of sand. The sand was then collected and weighted. A separating funnel was used to separate the kerosene from the mixture, the kerosene was then placed in a measuring cylinder and the loss of liquid was noted. The salt dissolved in water was evaporated to obtain a...
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