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1.which of the following pairs of compound will react?
iiC3H6+Cl2 in sunlight
iiiC3H6+H2O in the presence of sulphuric acid
ivC3H6+H2O in the presence of concentrated sulphuric acid

2.liqiud y reacts with magnesium metal to produce a gas that burns with a pop sound when a flaming wooden splint is placed near it.liqiud y is most likely a compound that has the formula a.c2h5ohb.hcoohc.h3cooch3d.c6h14

3.a compound p has the following characteristics:
-reacts with sodium carbonate to release a gas that clouds lime water -reacts with compound q to form a fragrant liquid
a.p-sulphuric acidq-ethyl ethanoate
b.p-ethanoic acidq-ethyl ethanoate
c. p-ethanoic acidq-ethanol
d. p-ethanolq- ethanoic acid

4.element-proton no.
which of the element pair from a compound which is insoluble in water.? a.e-jb.j-lc.g-ld.g-m

5.which of the following staments are correct?
i.pent-2-ene decolourises bromine water but pent-3-ene does not. ii.both have the same molar mass
iii.both have the same molecular formula
iv.both have the same physical properties

paper 2 an experiment,bromine water is added drop by drop into the potassium iodide solution in a test tube until bromine water is in excess.the test tube is shaken. a.i.state the colour of the potassium iodide solution(1m)

ii.what solution colour is produced after it is mixed and shaken with bromine water?(1m) b.a small amount of tetrachloromethane liquid is added to the product in the tst tube and shaken. i.what is the colour of the tetrachloromethane layer after the mixture is shaken?(1m) the substance that gives colour to the tetrachloromethane layer stated in b.i.(1m) the reaction,name the substance that is the i.oxidising agent:ii.reducing agent(2m) d.i.write the change in oxidation number that is experienced by bromine in the reaction.(1m) ii.write the ionic equation for the overall reaction.(1m) one other substance that can replace bromine in this reaction.(1m) f.other than tetrachloromethane,name one other substance that can test the product that is formed in the reaction.(1m)

2.two experiments were carried out to study the effect of particle size on the rate of exp.1,50cm3 of hcl was added to 1g of large marble exp.2,50cm3 of hcl was added to 1g of small marble chips. the gas that was produced in both exp.(1m)

b.suggest one way to collect the gas in both exp.(1m)
c.eplain the difference in the rate of reaction in both exp. With reference to the collision theory.(3m) the basic particle in i.naphthalene:ii.sodium chloride:(2m) b.state the type of chemical bond that exist in i.naphthalene:ii.sodium chloride: (2m) of proton of q is 13.write the formula for the oxide of q.(1m) d.oxide of q is said to be amphoteric,state the meaning of amphoteric.write two chemical equation about oxide of q to show that it is amphoteric.(3m) e.neon is an unreactive gas.explain.state its use in daily life.(2m)

4.the experiment of the electrolysis of the different solution is conducted.two test tube are put on the two carbon electrodes to collect the gas released. Exp.1-hcl solution 3.0 mol dm^-3
Exp.2-sodium sulphate solution 1.0 mol dm^-3
Exp.3-copper(ii)chloride solution 2.0 mol dm^-3

a.state two factors that affect the selective discharge of ions at the electrodes.(2m) exp1, the gas collected at the anode(1m)
ii.state how you would con firm the gas liberated at the anode.(1m) iii.write the half equation to represent the reaction at the anode(1m) c.hydrogen gas is liberated at the cathode in exp.2
i.explain why sodium ion did not discharge at the cathode(1m) ii.state the changes to be made if sodium is to be dischared at the cathode.(1m) exp.3,i.state all the ions in the electrolyte.(1m)

5.when copper(ii)carbonate is added...
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