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Chemicals Found Everywhere

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Chemicals Found Everywhere

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  • November 2006
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Hidden Dangers
Everyday humans are exposed to toxic chemicals and the majority of these people are unaware of the fact. Until viewing websites with regard to chemicals in our society, I too was unaware of how often an individual comes into contact with these toxins. There were three sites that were explored and they were quite informational.

The first website Banned Elsewhere, Compounds Still Used in U.S. by Marla Cone, explains to readers about phthalates; phthalates are a chemical compound added to plastic to make it flexible and can be found in plastic wrap, beauty products, toys and numerous household products. Also, Cone explains that animal studies and human research show phthalates blocking testosterone and causing reproductive abnormalities in male newborns. Even with this knowledge, 15 of 18 toys purchased at U.S. stores contained these chemicals. Cone tells us " Europe banned … six phthalate compounds in toys. In beauty products, Europe has eliminated 900 compounds, including two phthalates…" " If they remove it there, why shouldn't we remove it here?"

The second website U.S. Rules Allow the Sale of Products Others Ban also by Marla Cone, is in regards to formaldehyde; formaldehyde exposure has been shown to cause nose and throat cancer, allergic reactions, asthma, headaches, and sore throats. She informs individuals that chemical laden woods, which are outlawed in Europe and Japan, are allowed in the U.S. Ironically, China sends low-formaldehyde timber to Japan and Europe then exports wood to the U.S. that contains 30 times the amount allowed in their own country. Cone states " It's particularly…frustrating…when they're taking our market with products that have high formaldehyde content when we know full well that they can produce it with lower formaldehyde."

The last site, The Pollution Within is written by David Ewing Duncan. Duncan shares with readers how doctors tested his blood for chemicals and some of the results of the...

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