Chemical Reactions Lab

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Kassidy Caviness- Thames
Lab Partner: Dena Jackson
Reaction lab
“I certify that this lab report is my own work, except for properly referenced and cited information. I have adhered to all guidelines published in the student handbook on Academic Integrity, as well as all guidelines published for this class in the Syllabus and Academic Integrity Handouts.” Purpose- The purpose of this lab was to display to us a variety of different reactions using an eclectic of things in the chemistry lab: including magnesium, methanol, and fire. This was to make what we are doing on paper in class a real life circumstance. Analysis questions

1) A) Part A 2Mg+O2 à(delta/heat) 2MgO
Part B 2CuCO2 à(delta) 2Cu+CO2+O2
Part C Zn+HCl à H2
Part D CuCl2+2NaOHà 2NaCl+ Cu(OH)2
Part E Zn+CuCl2à Cu+ZnCl2
Part F H2O2à (KI catalyst) H2+O2
Part G CH3OHà CO2+2H2O
Part| Qualitative| Quantitative |
Part A-| Lit up into a bright like and turned into a turned a rusty glowing color and smoked into a white ash| Magnesium about 3cmCrucible, top & Magnesium – 33.8gAfter- same weight| Part B-| Once the splint was in the stuck into the test tube the fire on the stick went out. This happened because of the carbon dioxide| Weight before 120.3 g| Part C| Zinc with Hydrochloric acidIt bubbled up like it was boiling and produced hydrogen gas.| Zinc weight- 1.5| Part D| It took a little while of just clear then turned into a Carolina blue precipitate| | Part E| Zinc turned fire red (The copper was already red)Liquid turned a tar heel blueWarm on the bottom| | Part F| H2O2 Hydrogen proxide KI| |

| | |

2) 2 H2O2(aq) --> 2 H2O(l) + O2(g)(Cool science)
The elephant toothpaste is a catalyst because of the decomposition of the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen is catalyzed by the iodide ion. (cool science) Conclusion- This lab made our paper work a reality. Getting to see the reactions with all the different chemicals in different forms was very eye...
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