Chemical Reaction Essay

Topics: Chemical bond, Atom, Ionic bond Pages: 3 (1131 words) Published: July 15, 2012
Describe the difference between a mixture and a compound. A compound is a substance in which atoms of different elements are chemically held to one another. A mixture is a substance made by combining two or more different materials in such a way that no chemical reaction occurs. A mixture can usually be separated back into its original components, a compound cannot. Below are some examples of the differences between each. Compounds

•Compounds are pure substances.
•They are made up of two or more elements combined chemically. •The constituents of a compound are present in a fixed ratio. •Compounds have fixed properties. For example, a particular compound will have fixed temperatures at which it melts and boils. •A compound can have properties different from its constituents, as a new substance is formed when the constituents are chemically combined. •The constituents of a compound can be separated only by chemical methods. Mixtures

•Mixtures are impure substances.
•They are made up of two or more substances mixed physically. •The constituents of a mixture are present in varying ratios. •Mixtures do not have fixed properties. Their properties depend on the nature of their components and the ratios in which they are combined. •In mixtures, no new substance is formed. The properties of a mixture are the same as the properties of its constituents. •The constituents of a mixture can be separated easily by physical methods. Suppose that you have a pure substance. How can you tell whether it is a compound or an element? A chemical compound is a substance composed of two or more elements chemically combined with each other. A compound can be any number of solids, liquids, and gases as long as they are chemically bonded. A mixture is also two or more elements combined with each other and can also be any number of solids, liquids, and gases. But, unlike compounds, a mixture does not chemically combine the elements. Compounds have constant and definite compositions...
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