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Topics: Water, Water supply, Waterborne diseases Pages: 4 (1125 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Water Usage in HICs
Agriculture (39%) – use water to irrigate crops, using automated machines that use lots of water. Industry (47%) – Water is used in production and for cooling. Some use 1million litres a day Domestic (14%) – piped water supplies used for baths (150L) and washing machines (100L) other Water Usage in LICs

Agriculture (91%) – Less efficient and require man power. Water is wasted in evaporation. Industry (5%) – There is less industry, more small cottage shops not requiring much water. Domestic (4%) – use wells and communal taps which take time to get to so water is saved.

With greater wealth, people use more water as they have more luxury items, people go on holiday, which requires water in tourists attractions and hygiene methods use more water.

There are 3 main sources of water:
* Aquifers are underground stores of water found in porous rocks. Water is extracted through bore holes. If you do not extract water then it leads to an increased risk in flooding. The London Basin supplies water for London. * Reservoirs are artificial lakes held behind dams to store water for drinking and recreation. The ideal location is a river valley with steep sloped sides. Kielder water is a river regulationg reservoir holding 200billion litres. It releases water into the north Tyne. Pumps take water and pipes transfer it to the river Wear and Tees. * Rivers are a source of water for 750,000 people in Florida. Water is cleaned and placed into an aquifer for storage so it stays cool, does not evaporate and does not take up space. Water surplus – receiving more water as precipitation than is lost by evapotranspiration. Water deficit – losing more water by evapotranspiration than is gained by precipitation. Physical water scarcity – there is a lack of water in the area. Economical water scarcity – there is a supply of water but a lack of resources to make it available.

Water supply problems in HICs:
* Quality is...
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