Chem 101 Lab 1

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Sunny Patel
Chem 101

The objective of this lab was to show how stoichiometry is applied to a specific chemical reaction. Stoichiometry is pretty much the math behind chemistry. Doing stoichiometry can calculate masses, moles, and percents with a chemical equation. The use of stoichiometry is how we were able to find the limiting reagent in this lab. A limiting reagent is the chemical that will be used up first. Many calculations had to be made throughout this lab. Some of the calculations we made were finding the amount of moles of Sodium Hydroxide and Calcium Chloride from the eight different test tubes.

Sunny Patel
Chem 101

Discussion and Conclusions
The whole purpose of this lab was to apply stoichiometry to a chemical reaction. Our calculations all depend on how accurate we recorded our data. When we read from the graduated cylinders, it is easy to make a mistake. So the most important step in this lab is to record the data as accurate as possible. Another factor that could hinder the data is how clean the test tubes are. If the test tubes had just a little bit of liquid in them or were not completely cleaned out, the data could be affected.

I think we made at least one mistake in our data. I think we made a mistake because when I calculated the moles for the NaOH and CaCl2, we got the same amount of moles for both solutions. That means that from the moles, there was no limiting reactant in test tube 3. From this lab, I learned how to calculate and find the limiting reactant. I also learned how to use stoichiometry.

In my calculations, the limiting reactant depended on the test tubes. For test tube 1, NaOH was the limiting reactant, test tube 2 had no limiting reactant from my calculations which could be a mistake on my part and for test tube 3 and 4, CaCl2 was the limiting reactant. My graph was inconsistent. I started with 3.00 ml of NaOH and added 1.00 ml more until my last test tube...
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