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Topics: Chemical compound, Van der Waals force, Chemical substance Pages: 2 (362 words) Published: December 8, 2012
In fact, cosmetics are just some chemical compound which is safe to use on humans skin. But there are some people would be irritated by the cosmetic and have susceptible symptom. In order to solve this problem, scientists have added some anti-irritants into cosmetics to reduce inflammation and irritation on skin. So, it can adapt to everyone. And it usually made up of bisabolol, green tea or burdock root etc. These kind of natural compound are suitable to use on skin. Uses

In this part, bisabolol would be the major concern. Bisabolol is used for hundred of years in cosmetic due to its skin healing properties. Also, biasbolol can be used as a anti-bacteria agent. Chemical Properties

Bisabolo is a compound with molecular formula C15H26O, the major functional group of bisabolol is a OH group. So, it served the properties of alcohol. It can dissolve in ethanol but not in water and glycerin. It can be oxidized to bisabolol-oxide. Physical Properties

It is clear and colourless. Also, it has sweetish odor. With large molecular mass up to 222.4g/mol, it exist as viscous due to the strong intermolecular force. Since it has strong van der waals force, its boiling point is 153°C. It has a low density(0.93). Method of Extraction

For bisabolol, we can extract it directly from a plant called Matricaria recutita. But the amount that we can extract from natural raw material is rare. It is not enough for making cosmetic or medical use. So, it needed to be made in laboratory. Since bisabolol is a enantiomer, synthetic of it is usually a racemic mixture of α-(±)-bisabolol. Cost of Production

Normally, the bisabolol is very expensive for the natural one. Although it can be found in many district, only a litte amount can be obtained in a plant. It cost about U.S.D.$40 for 1-2OZ. Although it is expensive, only a small amount is needed in body lotion or cream to provide the function. Conclusion

Anti-irritant is a important part in cosmetic...
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