"Chef Kevin’s Patisserie Café" a Marketing Plan

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“Chef Kevin’s Patisserie Café”

A Marketing Plan presented to
The Faculty of Business Administration
In Partial Fulfillment
Of the requirements for the degree
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration


Submitted by: CAROLINE TAN


Executive summary
Mission Statement

Company Profile
Organizational structure
Products and Services

Situation Analysis

Marketing Audit: SWOT

Strategy Formulation

Strategy Implementation

Strategy Evaluation

I. Executive summary

“Delighting to serve you Right!”

Delight means happiness and may refer to someone or something that brings such a state. Right as in accordance with what is good, proper, or just right conduct. Chef Kevin’s Patisserie Café’s is a dessert cafe concept It emphasizes handmade gourmet desserts in a casual atmosphere.  Watching your dessert be prepared right in front of you is the unique selling point of our business.

Chef Kevin’s Patisserie Café’s commitment to excellence in the baking industry will enable to deliver high quality products to its customers. Aside from baking products or goods, we have also walked extra mile by offering the best quality of coffee to quench the thirst of coffee lovers while tasting our pastries.

The location is at 32nd and 5th Building 5th Ave. cor. 32nd St., Fort Bonifacio Global City  Taguig. Which was highly recommended by our friends and other accquaintances. The place is perfect for coffe lovers and pastry lovers. Although the products we serve are considered to be product for high-end customers but there are products which will enter the low-income earners like administrative staff of business establishments near our location. Students afford prices for pastries 3 in one coffee is also available.

1. Attain sales of $166,000 in the first year.
2. Increase second year sales by 50% and third year by 30%.
3. Expand to two stores by the third year of business.

Mission Statement
Chef Kevin’s Patisserie Cafe  is a hospitality company dedicated to provide high-quality desserts in a comfortable atmosphere for clients who seek a fun "gourmet" experience outside restaurants.  We intend to make enough profit to generate a fair return for our investors and to finance continued growth and development in quality products. We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.

II.Company Profile

Organizational structure:


Products and Services:

Chef Kevin’s Patisserie Cafe sells gourmet desserts coupled with exceptional customer service in a comforting atmosphere.  Customers can dine-in and watch the chef create their dessert, that’s what makes our Patisserie Café unique.  We also offer carry-out to prepare our desserts at home or have a special cake for a celebration. 

We will also offer special promotions such as After School Cookie Club.  Moms will be encouraged to bring in their children for milk and cookies they help prepare!  Or moms can come in with friends for some relaxing time away during our Tea Time.  And to promote Chef Kevin’s Patisserie Cafe as a choice for celebrating, we will offer a large table that can be reserved for parties.

Chef Kevin’s Patisserie Cafe will be slow to hire people in the first few years of operation, but very loyal to those who are hired.  Initially all employees will be part-time as the majority of the work will be done by the chef-proprietor.  As the company grows, new employees will be trained and supervised by original employees who have been promoted to a leadership position.  It is our belief that employees who are dedicated to the success of Chef Kevin’s Patisserie Cafe should be rewarded.  They will be leaders in our future store...
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