Cheese Wiz Kid

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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9 Characters in Search of a Cheese Steak

The great thing about is that it’s YOUR website, Philadelphia!

You get to nominate Philly’s best steak places, you get to vote on who deserves to be in the Top Ten and you get to post comments about other people’s choices. And when you’re done sharing all your brilliant insights about cheese steaks, you can go to Cheesy Comments and sound off about anything else you’ve seen on the website.

That’s the Philadelphia Quaker way – everybody gets a chance to speak his or her mind. No wonder the search for Philadelphia’s best cheese steak is never-ending.

But somebody has to get the ball rolling, and that’s where we come in.

We’re the WHIZ KIDS – not to be confused with the 1950 pennant-winning Phillies, or that decades-old game show, or those World War II vets who became Ford execs. We’re not affiliated in any way with Kraft or its fabulous Cheez Whiz product. In fact, we don’t have much in common with each other – except a passion for Philadelphia and, in particular, a most incredible sandwich known as the cheese steak.

Whiz Kid Big Cheese

BIG CHEESE is a rich kid from Chestnut Hill or the Main Line, or somewhere like that. When he was growing up, his dad took him around (in a Mercedes) to all of Philly’s best steak spots, so now he thinks he’s a “man of the people” as he combs Philly’s blue collar neighborhoods in HIS Mercedes in search of cheese steaks. Hey Big, we love ya – but with that navy blue suit and that helmet of perfectly coiffed hair, the locals can see you coming a mile away.

Whiz Kid Liberty Belle

LIBERTY BELLE also had a pretty nice upbringing and went off to a fancy New England college, where she became even more of a politically correct culture snob than she already was (and that’s saying a lot). But Lib has a soft spot for romance and – to the horror of her health-conscious vegetarian friends – she just loves cheese steaks dripping with Whiz....
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