Cheese Commercial

Topics: Giant Panda, Processed cheese, Humour Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: November 12, 2012
Cheese Commercial
Nolan’s Cheese and Panda cheese are two cheese products that demonstrate two different ways to attract their audience to buy cheese. Nolan’s Cheese is about a mouse who is caught in a mouse trap but then finds the strength to get himself out of it. Panda Cheese is about a panda who wants everyone to love his cheese. These two commercials use pathos, ethos and logos in attempt to get their audience to buy their product. Both of these commercials they show pathos in a humorous way. Nolan’s cheese starts off in a sad situation whereas the mouse is caught in a mouse trap, but he successfully gets out and everyone is happy for the little mouse. It is amusing because it is thought to be that the mouse is dead; then all of a sudden the music comes on and the mouse acts as if he is doing weights using the mouse trap. Compared to the Panda cheese commercial the Panda acts cute, but then he throws a fit. In the Panda Cheese commercial, the panda looks loving and sweet then intimidates the person who doesn’t want to buy his cheese. The audience is caught off guard by the panda when he throws his fit, which is funny because it is not what anyone expected. Both of these commercials are similar in the sense that they are humorous because they catch the audience by surprise. It is very clear for the viewers to understand the humor in these commercials. There unethical morals that were shown in these commercials that helped make them more intriguing. Nolan’s commercial showed the poor helpless mouse that got caught in the mouse trap. It was very unethical in the sense that this feeble mouse was going to die only because he wanted to eat the cheese. As opposed to the Panda commercial, where the Panda is the persecutor, the mouse is the victim. In the Panda commercial the panda throws down the customers cart all because he simply did not want to buy the Panda Cheese. This also was very unethical because of how the Panda reacted to the customers opinion to not...
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