Cheering and Team

Topics: English-language films, 2004 albums, Cheering Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: May 2, 2013
I started cheering about four years ago, and once I started I became obsessed. Cheer is a big part of my life and I can’t see myself without it. I’m proud of my strong determination I had in order to make this year’s cheer competition team. With this school it doesn’t matter if you’re already on the team you still have to try out to compete. Cheer is my passion and not being able to compete is just not an option for me. I worked out twice as much as I had too. And I really pushed myself to get all the skills I needed to make the team. That meant going after practice I’d go to open gym and work out even more. Going to competition means you have a chance to show off your best moves, and prove how hard you work. And Nationals is the best place to really go and make a name for you. I’ve been to Nationals once and my team won third place. Although we were proud to get that award I was sure nothing beats winning first. So of course I wanted another chance to win that, and being on this year’s team I know I was going to be given that chance. It’s an honor to be on such a great team with an aspiring coach. I have grown such a strong connection with this team. If I didn’t make the competition team I would no longer be needed at practices and I wouldn’t have been able to stay connected with most of the team. My team and dedication to cheer is what helped me keep such a strong determination to stay on and make the competition team.
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